Ten Incredible Places You Can Find Inspiration To Write

Find Inspiration to write

Are you a writer constantly looking for inspiration to write? Or are you trying to write a book and you have absolutely nothing to write about, yet your fingers keep itching to write. Or are you trying to write a book to boost your sales and up your status as a pro in your business? Then this article is for you.

Most pro writers are pros not because they are naturally talented. They became pros because they are good at getting things done. For instance, Ernest Hemingway was quoted to have said There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

But what happens when you sit down at the typewriter and nothing seems to be coming out of your head. This situation is known as writer’s block. It may happen because you do not have any ideas.

This article is going to show you how to fill your mind with content that will provide inspiration when you are stuck with what to write. You no longer have to worry about what to write.

After all, you will realise that every book you ever read is just a  combination of the 26 alphabets.

Here are ten places you can find inspiration of what to write. It has helped me and it definitely will help you too.

Looking For Inspiration To Write, Try These Ten Places

Wikipedia - Find inspiration to write

  1. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a content repository with biographies of millions of people who are living and people who are dead.  At the time of writing this article, Wikipedia has more than 5,472,000 English articles. If you are looking for ideas for your next novel, short story or creative non-fiction, the Biography section has more than a million stories of people living and dead. You can either craft your own story from the stories of real people, rewrite an autobiography, add two different stories together to create yours or do whatever rocks your boat. The choice is yours.

If you are looking to write a non-fiction or purely academic book, there are other portals such as the Art, Geography, Society, Religion and History.

The history section is specifically a good place for anyone thinking of writing a self-help or motivational book. Click here to go to all portals from where you can navigate and get inspired.

Listverse - Find inspiration to write

  1. Listverse

Similar to Wikipedia is a website called Listverse. Listverse is a website with thousands of interesting contents. All articles on Listverse are top ten articles providing you easy explanations on the topics.

If you are planning to write fiction, historical books and a few types of creative non-fiction, then Listverse can provide you with knowledge and inspiration that will push you towards your keyboard.

There are lots of categories to read from including Bizarre, Entertainment, General Knowledge, Lifestyle, Science and Society. Listverse also offers a write and get paid service which you can take advantage of as a writer. For each article you submit, you earn $100 and get paid through Paypal.

Quora - Find inspiration to write

  1. Quora

I have been using Quora for the past few months and guess what, every visit has been worth it. Quora is a community of users where everyone is free to ask questions on any topic. Answers also come from anyone who has an idea on the question asked.

I will recommend Quora to anyone who is looking for ideas on writing a non-fiction book. Basically, you can get all the chapters to your book from Quora. For every question posted, there are people who have the answers. Not just that, people post answers in different ways you can never imagine.

You can read through answers already provided to questions similar to yours. Or you can just ask your own questions and request for answers from experts.

Before you start using Quora, you are required to sign up. You can also download the app on your phone and have real-time access to information that matters to you.

Books - Find inspiration to write

  1. Books

During my research years while learning how to write and studying the works of other writers I noticed a lot of similarities among writers. Every genre has a pattern. For instance, if you are writing suspense there is always the element of surprise, the fact that the hero is in some kind of danger which he is not aware of.

The stories may be different but the concept is always the same. The same goes for other genres of books.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for inspiration and hoping to improve your writing you have to read a lot of books. It’s always advisesable to read books that are similar to the one you would like to write. Know the genre you want to write and read a lot of books in that genre.

For instance, Sidney Sheldon’s Dooms Day Conspiracy had a few similarities with Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress.


Amazon - Find inspiration to write

  1. Amazon

As a ghostwriter, whenever I am looking for inspiration to write a genre that is totally new to me, I go to Amazon books. This is where I can find a lot of books on basically all genres. The good part is I can read a few pages of most of the books without buying.

I always advise writers to go to this page to get inspiration on how to title their books, what their book covers should look like and how to write book summaries.

With Amazon books, you will learn a lot from successful writers. As a writer, you can also create your own author page and start selling your books.

Movies - Find inspiration to write

  1. Movies

Before I started reading or writing books I was watching TV. I saw great movies, documentaries, music videos and interviews. I enjoyed the movies especially the storylines. Soon I found myself getting engrossed.

Most times I would try to narrate the movies I had seen to my younger cousins. As time went by I started telling them my own stories. Soon I began to develop a passion for writing and I still get inspired by movies and soap operas.

No matter the type of books you want to write, there is always a TV program that will inspire you. If you tune in and view, or listen to a program on radio, you might get inspired to write your next book.

People around - Find inspiration to write

  1. People Around

Having conversations with people about my book has always helped me in one way or the other. I remember when I was putting my first story together, I got stuck at one point and it was while discussing with a friend of mine that I got to understand something about women. This piece of information unlocked the door to my next chapter.

If you are writing non-fiction, one of the easiest ways to get inspired is to engage professionals, ask them questions and find out as much as possible from them. The answers you get can help you finish your book.

You can also chat with other writers and find out what they are doing to get their books published. A lot of inspiration can come from opening up about your book to people.

  1. Magazines and Newspapers

Most magazines and newspapers are full of stories of people and events happening around you. The information can provide a good source of inspiration for your book. Even if you are writing non-fiction, you can find great content in different newspaper sections that will inspire you.

A popular writer once wrote a very interesting novel by cutting out small sections of thousands of newspapers and clipping them together.

Pictures - Find inspiration to write copy

  1. Pictures

When I was setting up my first blog, I had nothing to write. I had no idea what I was going to do or write. What helped me was a couple of stock photos a friend sent to me. Immediately I saw the pictures, I began to think of stories that relate to the pictures. After staring at about five different high-quality pictures, my mind became a room full of stories. I had too many options I could choose from.

  1. Seminars & Lectures

Seminars, lectures, videos, tutorials and self-help books on writing can be a great source of inspiration. For instance, I remember reading The five-minute writer by Margret Geraghty and getting a lot of ideas of what to write.

Also, to be able to write good articles I had to practice a lot and read lessons from other writers like Jeff Goins and Jane Friedman. I also had to read articles on Writer’s Digest, watch Ted Talks on writing, Subscribed to LinkedIn Learning and took Lisa Cron’s lecture on story writing.


Bringing it all together.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. It can come from staring at a baby who is crying, from playing your favourite musical instruments or from walking down a lonely path. What is most important is that you find out where you get your writing muse and make the best of it.

Let me know how you get inspired to write. You can follow me on facebook, or twitter.

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